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My fantasy world magic system (part 3 Magical Creatures)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

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Magical Creatures:

All Magical Creatures in my world have special abilities. They are considered to have the power of spirit, and some times are referred to as the fourth wizard power. This power of the spirit is not a common types (like mind, heart, earth) that men and women hold, but is reserved as the power for magical creatures. The power of the spirit is the power to bind all other powers together. It is at once both the mightiest and most dangerous power, thus not being given to man.

It is held by the ancient Cremelino horses, dragons, Phoenix, and other magical type of creatures. The creatures that hold this power are careful to wield it, are usually more secretive, and only join with (bind or bond themselves) to other wizards in using their power in important moments/events.

Dragons: Dragons are referred to in many of my books. They are ancient and come and go throughout the history of man as occasion and need warrants. As a Dragon egg hatching they choose a rider to bond with. This bonds enables both dragon and rider to share thoughts and powers and abilities. They usually bond with wizards, however that is not always the case. The dragons have a long memory and retain some memories of past events even as they are born. Unless turned to evil purposes the dragons exist in peace with man and want to help vanquish evil.

Cremelino: The Cremelino is a breed of horse that is specific to my world of magic. The word comes from me combining Cremello and Palomino. These magical creatures are large and white and have blue eyes. They are very very fast and can cover a long distance in a relatively short time period. They will bond with one rider only at a time. This bond allows both to communicate with each other through their mind. The Cremelino is known to be very secretive and cryptic in their answers. They are the guardians of the wizards and will usually bond with a wizard, though that is not always the case.

Phoenix: A Phoenix is mentioned in my Dragon Artifact series and a bit in my Wizard Academy series. They are very few of them and they stay away from man for the most part. They guard magic and stones of power on various islands in my world. They have a great power to give life to one that is dying. It is only used in extreme circumstances that would benefit magic and the world at large. They are very old but not much is known of their origin.

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