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2nd edition available with all new covers!
Prequel Novella
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Book Two


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Book One
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Book Three
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"breathtaking action, captivating and well-developed characters"- Romuald Dzemo at Readers' Favorite

"Young adults and adults a like can enjoy the adventure and risk that Shaeleen takes on. This was an excellent start to a new series from Mike Shelton." -

The old woman, out of breath…stopped and gave her the gemstone.

Was it a curse or a blessing?

Shaeleen hadn’t been entirely honest about why she wanted to go to the market. Now, she had a strange green TruthStone and the magic made her uneasy. The keeper’s words rang in her ears. What did it mean?

“You are the one to save all the gemstones.”

At fifteen, she was more interested in watching her brother Cole practice his sword fighting than listening to a strange prophecy, but there was something in her voice as the bright gem passed between them, that made Shaeleen believe.

Why was she chosen?

In that moment, surrounded by the chatter of barter, and for a reason beyond her comprehension, she decided it wouldn’t hurt to do a little digging around.

But now every time she heard or told a lie she felt physical pain…

…Would her life ever be the same again?

You’ll love this YA Fantasy, because it’s full of action, adventure, and magic…and just might make you think a moment longer before you tell your next lie!

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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