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My fantasy world magic system (part 5-wizard schools)

Magic Schools

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In my fantasy world there are a handful of magic schools. Some are more formal or strict than others, depending on the kingdom they are in. Each student who has an aptitude for magic can apply to the school. A small test will be done upon entry to determine their current abilities. Each student starts out as an apprentice.

There have been cases of a wizard not going to a school. This is the case with Darius in the Cremelino Prophecy series, since wizards at that time in the Realm were barely tolerated and not organized to any degree.

An apprentice can enter the school at any age but it is usually between 9-12. Depending on their strength, aptitude, and abilities, they could stay at the wizard school for 4-7 years. Some kingdoms test their apprentices before they leave the school, while others let them go out in the world first and then become tested later on after proving themselves. This usually prevents a young, but powerful apprentice of becoming a full fledged wizard too soon. However, there are always exceptions to the rules.


Wizard School on White Island – The Realm. This is the newest wizard school on the Western Continent and begins construction at the end of The Cremelino Prophecy. The culture there is friendly, but serious about their learning. Noble and commoner alike treated equally.

Wizard Conclave-Kingdom of Arc. This is the smallest of the wizard schools and is mostly attended by those from the Kingdom of Arc, with a few students from the Kingdom of Finn and Cyrene. It is the most relaxed of all wizard schools.

The Wizard Academy-Empire of Gildan. This is one of the largest wizard schools, as Gildan seems to have more than their fair share of those with wizard abilities. It is a bit more formal than other schools. Those of nobility also learn there, but do not take wizard related classes.

The Citadel – Alaris. The Citadel in Alaris is more than just a school. It is the headquarters for all of the wizards in that kingdom. The Citadel, as a whole, is much more involved in politics than the other wizard schools. Neighboring kingdoms of Turg, Khazer, Mahli, and Solshi send their perspective students there.

Wizard Sanctuary – Quentis. This school is more militarized than other schools and is ran by a General. Located on a small island off of Quentis, it serves that kingdom as well as Tillimot, and a few from South Solshi.

Elvyn doesn’t have a formal school, but Elves in general all have some sort of inherent magic from the time of their birth and so are trained in their homes and their own schools as part of their normal learning. They do have more intense study for healers than many other schools.

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