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My fantasy world magic system (part 1)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As I began writing years ago, and ultimately published my first book in early 2016, I have been fine-tuning the magic system throughout my world. And somehow, it all came out of my own head! :)

All of my series (The Cremelino Prophecy, The Alaris Chronicles, The Dragon Artifacts, The Wizard Academies, and The TruthSeer Archives) all take place in the same world. All but the TruthSeer Archives actually take place on the Western Continent, while the TruthSeer Archives takes place on the smaller continent of Wayland, which is located in the middle of the blue sea, between the Western and Eastern Continents.

The Magic System:

The magic system and wizards in my books are not distinguished by sex, age, or race, but more on where the source of their power is. Having the abilities of a wizard are not necessarily hereditary, but do tend to run in families. So a person with wizard abilities can come from parents that are not wizards, however, it is much more likely that you will be a wizard, or at least inherit some form of magical powers if your parent or parents are wizards.


Most wizards are discovered early and end up needing to attend a wizard school in order to receive proper training. On the Western Continent there are the following wizard schools: The Wizard School on White Island (in the Realm), The Wizard Conclave (in the Kingdom of Arc), the Wizard Academy (in the Empire of Gildan), the Citadel (in Alaris), and the Sanctuary(in Quentis). The elves (in Elvyn) tend to train their own.

On Wayland, in The TruthSeer Archives there are no wizard schools, however, on the Island of Verlyn, just east of Wayland the elves that live there provide training, counseling, and support for those with magic on the continent.

Next week look for Part 2, Types of Wizards. Click here.

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