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The Alaris Chronicles Series

The Dragon Orb and The Alaris Chronicles is my best selling series!
Prequel Novella
Prophecy of the dragon book
Book Two
The Dragon Rider book
Book One
the Dragon Orb book
Book Three
The Dragon king book

"The first book of the Alaris Chronicles series brings a refreshing take on magic and politics in fantasy. " -Self-Publishing Review

"... the author has laid the foundation of what is likely going to be something that readers of this genre will enjoy." - M.P Ceja InD'tale Magazine

"I loved how each character has their own unique personalty. I would recommend this to fans of wizards, magic, and fantasy." -Bethany W. and YA Books Central

The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn't be more different.

For 100 years it protected them…

…and now the magical barrier is about to fail.

What waits on the other side?

Bakari is nerdy and awkward. At 15, he’s lived at the Wizard Citadel for most of his life. Everything seems to be working out like he’d hoped. He just got promoted to Level 1 and despite being painfully shy, he has a friend.

Kharlia knows medicine.

And he really likes her.

When Bakari finds an ancient map that marks a source of power, he must check it out. With Kharlia by his side, they wander through the Kingdom toward the spot on the map. The trip isn’t what they expect.

Magical creatures have made it through the barrier.

Should they fight or flee?

Bakari knows they are in trouble. He isn’t a battle wizard. As they struggle against the beasts, the worst thing Bakari can imagine happens.

Will they survive?

You’ll love this first book in The Alaris Chronicles, because of the beautifully woven story with diverse characters, great adventure, and political intrigue.

The Dragon King

Book three



Dragon King
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   Young Adult Fantasy

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