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What if every lie you told or heard caused you physical pain?

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you may hear or tell a lie? Small lies, white lies, falsehoods, or full on fabrications. Now what if all of a sudden you felt physically sick--stomach ache, headache, etc--every time a lie was told? Could you use this to your advantage or would it make you realize maybe how many small lies you tell each day.

Shaeleen is given a TruthStone from an old lady--one that she thinks may be one of the famed Keep of the Stones. But will it be a blessing or a curse?

…Would her life ever be the same again?

You can imagine what this might mean, but it is only one of six stones that Shaeleen must find in order to save the Kingdoms of Wayland.

You’ll love this YA Fantasy, because it’s full of action, adventure, and magic…and just might make you think a moment longer before you tell your next lie!

With all new covers don't miss this exciting fantasy adventure!

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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