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Being a wizard can be fun some days.

Other days it can be life-threatening and dangerous.

Protect the youngest heir of the Dragon King. That is the mission given to Imari in this prequel novella to The Alaris Chronicles.


The King of Alaris and the High Wizard of the Citadel are getting greedy for more power, so Imari, a young wizard apprentice, must flee the Citadel and warn the Dragon King of the wizards’ planned aggression and invasion of neighboring kingdoms.

Traveling from Alaris to Mahli, Imari finds a forgotten barony, meets the Dragon King, and flies on a dragon, which is more adventure than Imari ever thought he would have as a relatively young and weak wizard.

But, when the Prophecy of the Dragon is spoken, will Imari take up the cause to protect the legacy of the Dragon King at all costs?

Read this adventurous and magical tale either before or after reading The Alaris Chronicles, a three-book fantasy series that begins with The Dragon Orb.


Stones of Power.

An evil ShadowStone that most believe do not exist.

And only a young man knows the truth; and he wants nothing more than to be left alone.

Racing heartbeat, blurry vision, upset stomach – all are daily occurrences for Feyn. People make him nervous and afraid – to the point of becoming extremely sick. 

Yet in everyone’s life comes an opportunity to be a hero.  Can Feyn handle the anxiety that comes with facing his fears and standing up to the Shadow Keepers?  Or will he run and hide away?

This prequel novella to The TruthSeer Archives introduces the reader to a marvelous system of magic – the stones of power. 


If you enjoy magic, wizards, battles of good vs. evil, and power struggles among the nobility get The Stones of Power now!

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   Young Adult Fantasy


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