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My fantasy world magic system (part 4, Stones of Power)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If you haven't read my previous blogs on my fantasy world magic system, start here.

Stones of Power:

Stones of power exist primarily in my TruthSeer Archives series, but also are mentioned and used in the Dragon Artifacts and Wizard Academies series.

These stones of power are usually found in small pools of water at the base of a waterfall on islands. Each stone carries its only ability or power. The holder of the stone is able to work that power regardless of whether they are a wizard or not. However, if a wizard does wield it the effects are even much stronger.

In the TruthSeer Archives each kingdom on the continent of Wayland has its own stone. Originally King Wayland (way before my series) gets these stones from the Island of Verylyn where the elves live and gives each stone to one of his children to rule a part of Wayland (turning it into five kingdoms).

Stones of Power

· Red Jasper, the Strength Stone. The holder of the stone is able to perform great acts of strength.

· Blue Labradorite, the Intelligence Stone. The holder is able to figure things out quicker and think more clearly.

· White Celestite, the Hearing Stone. The holder is able to hear better.

· Pink Azeztulite, the Healing Stone. The holder is able to heal others.

· Orange Garnet, the Speed Stone. The holder can run/move very quickly covering distances in hours that might take days normally.

· Green Moldavite, the Truth Stone. The Truth Stone is the most powerful stone of all, but it comes with a price. A holder of the Truth Stone feels physical pain each time a lie is told, either by the holder of the stone or someone else. The bigger the lie, the more excruciating the pain. Each of the five kingdoms was given a Truth Stone in additional to their other stone of power. But there is one Truth Stone that rules them all.

Other Stones of Power exists with other abilities but are not specifically mentioned yet in the series.

All of these stones, although not associated with wizards per se’ are guarded by special groups of people (usually Elves or a relation to them) who are referred to as guardians. They have the ability to use the stones and protect them from evil intentions or use. The stones power around the world is the catalyst for all others powers, whether wielded by wizards or not.

Next week look for part five Wizard Schools. Click here.

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