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My fantasy world magic system (part 2-types of wizards)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In part one I explained the general outline of magic in my world. Click here to read it first if you missed it.

Types of Wizards:

All wizards have some similar capabilities, although the strength or limit of their powers can differ. Using magic takes energy from the individual wizard to varying degrees (depending on the type of wizard they are). At some point all wizards can become too tired to use their abilities and after a period of time they will need to rest and eat to replenish their physical body.

In The Alaris Chronicles and The Dragon Artifact series, wizards are also designated by levels. After being an apprentice for awhile and a wizard passes a test they are given a rating of 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest wizard. Some immediately are strong enough to be given a higher rating, some can grow and develop stronger powers, while others may never advance much.

The types of wizards are:

Wizards of the mind: These wizards get their abilities and power from their minds. They are usually more methodical in their approach and think things out. They like to read and research and gather information and are usually the keepers of history. This then forms the ability for the base of their powers. In the kingdom of Alaris they can also be referred to as Scholar wizards. They make good rulers because they can think things through.

Wizards of the heart: These wizards get their abilities and powers from their hearts. They are usually more volatile and use emotion rather than reason to make decisions. Because of this their abilities can change according to the strength of their emotions. Love brings the greatest power, but hate can also be strong. They can be compassionate and make good healers, but they can also manipulate feelings if they are too strong. In Alaris they can also be referred to as Counselor wizards and usually work with leaders of kingdoms. They are the most rare type of wizard.

Wizards of the earth: These wizards get their abilities from the earth around them. Since they are not limited by their own internal strength (like those of the mind or heart), a wizard of the earth has the greatest potential for power. They are able to access the power in the dirt, rocks, water, and air around them to give strength to their abilities. Because of this unlimited potential, wizards of the earth need to be more careful in accessing their powers that they do not burn themselves out. In Alaris they are referred to as Battle wizards, and in many other kingdoms one will be named as Battlemaster or head of their armies.

Next week look for Part 3, Magical Creatures and the fourth wizard power. Click here.

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