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What kind of fantasy do dragons read? ...and why I like to read fantasy.

What if dragons read fantasy books about humans living in our world. What would they find interesting or even magical? Freeways of fast moving metal objects full of humans (and a few animals)? Telling your home smart device to turn on the heat? Watching a video from around the world--or a live stream as an event unfolds? Elevators? Microwaves? Grocery Stores?

...And the list could go on and on.

We live in quite a fantasy world compared to the past and even compared to some that are alive today.

So why do we, or I specifically like to read fantasy when our own world has so many magical things already? For me it's because I enjoy the wonder and power that comes with magic and its consequences. It's something I don't quite understand how it works, but really wish it did.

My favorite fantasy books include lots of magic, young people overcoming great odds ans struggling to know who they are, hope, a bit of humor, and a few fantastic or magical creatures. Of course it doesn't hurt to have it set in a well-described world with powerful kings, Queens, and wizards--and a few magical battles of immense power. I don't mind a few deaths, mistakes, or even sadness along the way, but in the end I want to see good triumph over evil!

Reading fantasy leaves me entertained, full of hope and wonder, and ready to conquer the world myself.....if only I had a bit of magic, too!

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