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Let your imagination run wild!

Out hiking last Saturday I ran across this little spot and my imagination went wild with possibilities.

Wouldn't this be a great place for a secret meeting of wizards, or maybe a nice spot to rest while traveling from kingdom to kingdom? Or maybe fairies live deep inside the forest there. Whatever it is, the possibilities are endless!

Those are the types of things I think about when I go hiking. It looked so nice and beautiful and serene. But for the travelers in my books (or any book of fantasy) the trek may not be as pleasant as stroll as it was for us. We were able to drive 35 miles to get there, and bring a few water bottles, beef jerky, and candy with us. I had a gps on my phone and a paper map from the kiosk. I also didn't have to worry about wild animals. And I was home for dinner!

My books have lots of epic journeys in them. Whether it's the Superstition Mountains in the Cremelino Prophecy, the Elvyn Forest in The Alaris Chronicles, or traipsing across Wayland in The TruthSeer Archives, you'll lvoe the travels, magic, struggles, and triumphs in my books!

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