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Where does my inspiration come from for writing?

I have people from time to time ask me where the ideas or inspiration for my stories come from. I will say much of it is just constantly rolling around in my head somewhere. An idea will pop into my mind with usually a great beginning and an ending and then I have to figure out the journey of how to get from "here" to "there". Many of my books include a physical journey from one kingdom or place to another, but others also include mental or emotional journeys like learning to accept who we are, overcoming prejudices, accepting help from others, and realizing that no one is all powerful.

However, I have found something that seems to help free up my mind in order to be able to create and write these stories. And that is nature!

Life for all of us can get hectic at times. I know between family life, church obligations, work, and finding time for personal mental, physical, and spiritual growth that many times my brain just feels full and I need to relax.

It is at these times that I go hiking/walking somewhere out in nature. Seeing the majesty of a waterfall, the sun dappling through the forest, or a field of flowers helps me to breathe a bit deeper, realize how blessed my life is, and to think more clearly.

I then realize what's truly important in life - my family and my relationship with God. And then that rejuvenation helps me to think with more clarity, do more with my life, and come up with new fun and adventurous books!

Here are a few pictures that have inspired me?

What inspires you?

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