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Dragons And Other Mythical Creatures!

I was wondering the other day why many of us are obsessed with dragons and other mythical creatures. Dragons differ by regions, size, intelligence, powers, colors, wingspan, and area of origin. Evidence of dragons in ancient civilization go back to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the far and near East thousands of years ago.

Other Mythical creatures include unicorns, horses, the phoenix, Centaur, werewolf, Griffin, Gryphon, and many more. Some books even include shifters--those with an ability to shift between human and creature form.

Some of the times these creatures are good, sometimes evil. Many times they have special powers or abilities associated with them.

For me, I love writing and reading about these mythical creatures. They exhibit an exotic and powerful nature that makes them larger than life. I love the idea that they might exists and with that existence the ability to have powers that are on a grand scale. Fire breathing dragons, quick horses, centaurs that talk and communicate, werewolves that can shift; each of these abilities places them on a higher plane than just mere animals. And by virtue of having these powers or skills they can interact--for good or evil with mankind.

In modern day there are so many great books with dragons and other creatures in them. Christopher Paolini and his Eragon series, many of the DragonLance books by Weis and Hickman, Anne Mcaffrey's Pern and other series, and of course Tolkien are a few of the classic dragon books. Some of the newer authors that I have enjoyed with dragons are Marc Secchia, K.N. Lee, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Derek Alan Siddoway (Gryphons), D.K. Holmberg, and of course there are many more.

If you like dragons and other mythical creatures check out many of my series. The Cremelino Prophecy series has mythical horses, The Alaris Chronicles has dragons, and my next series The Dragon Artifacts has dragons, with a bit of Cremelino, and in the last book you might just find a Phoenix.

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What creatures do you like and why?

Dragon books by Mike Shelton

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