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A Different Kind of Hero

I'm happy to announce that I am part of a wonderful new fantasy box-set coming April 24th - the premise of each story is a hero with a disability (physical, social, emotional). I think its a great way to see that people are not defined by their disability, but despite their disability they can rise up and still be a hero!

Check out the authors and the book here!

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A Clean EPIC and URBAN FANTASY Collection

Perfection is overrated.

From sweeping kingdoms to modern cities, a different kind of hero emerges. This hero must contend with dastardly villains, nefarious plots, and a harsher reality: disability.

-A musician with magic music … who has lost her sense of hearing -A merman born without gills, who can’t walk on land or breathe underwater -A 63-year-old sleuth with chronic memory lapses -An Valkyrie warrior with severely limited sight -An epileptic mage struggling with PTSD

These heroes and more await you in this exciting collection of eleven clean EPIC and URBAN fantasy stories featuring heroes with disabilities. Laugh, cheer, and cry along with our daring heroes as they defeat the villain and save the day.

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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