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TruthStone - One little lie won't hurt, will it?

What if every lie told or heard caused you physical pain? That is the premise behind the first book in my newest series - TruthStone, Book 1 in The TruthSeer Archives.

What a fun book this has been to write. helped me in researching various stones that were used as the basis for magic on the Islands of Verlyn and Wayland.

IntelligenceStone—Labradorite—Blue—Kingdom of Galena

StrengthStone—Red Jasper—Red—Kingdom of Gabor

SpeedStone—Garnet—Orange—Kingdom of Antioch

HearingStone—Celestite—White—Kingdom of Althea

HealingStone—Azeztulite—Pink—Kingdom of Shema

Available now on Amazon, Google Play, Nook, KOBO, and Ibooks.

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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