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Map Reveal for my new book series

Map Reveal

I am so excited to reveal the newest map for my next book series, The TruthSeer Archives. The first book, TruthStone is due out early next year. It will be followed by TruthSpell and TruthSeer.

What if you could tell when someone was telling the truth or lying? What if a lie caused you physical pain? What if you found out a secret that if kept would be a lie that would give you daily horrendous pain, but if the truth were told - an entire kingdom or continent could be plunged into war and hard times? What would you do?

The five kingdoms of Wayland have been protected by five gemstones of power for 200 years, but now those stones are failing. Shaeleen a young fifteen year old is given a TruthStone by a Keeper from Verlyn - her nearly impossible task is to find the truth and gather in all the stones of power - strength, intelligence, hearing, speed, and healing.

She soon learns that the truth - or the lack of it from either herself or others can be painful - both physically and emotionally.

Look for more information on the release of TruthStone over the next few months.

(map by Robert Altbauer)

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