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Moving back by family and writing more books!

This week we moved from Greenville North Carolina to Salem Oregon. We have become empty-nesters, downsized, and I will be working as a full time author from home. We are excited to be back near family and long-time friends - it was getting a little lonely in the Southeast. We loved it there, but it is nice to be closer to family. My two grandkids - 11 month old twins are now only a few hours a way - and I can spoil them! Won't that be fun?

Once we get settled in the next few weeks I will hit the writing hard again. I have a new series churning in my head with the rough draft of the first book about 50% done. It is based on the powers of certain stones.

What if you could tell if someone was lying? What if it caused you physical pain? But what if a lie was the best thing for the kingdom? Could you live with the pain?

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