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New Prequel on the way! - Prophecy Of The Dragon

The last bloodline of the dragon king must be saved at all cost.

Imari, a young wizard apprentice races against time to warn the Dragon King of the aggression and threatening plans of the Kingdom of Alaris to conquer the neighboring lands.

Once he informs the Dragon King of the secret plans, Imari is given a direct command - save the Dragon King's youngest descendant at all cost. Save the bloodline of the dragon riders.

Imari is then afforded the blessing - or curse - to live until the next dragon rider comes forth. What he didn't know was that it would be a long 150 years.

This exciting prequel adventure to The Alaris Chronicles (The Dragon Orb, The Dragon Rider, and The Dragon King) takes place 150 years earlier. Read it before or after the series.

I am working on the final touches of this very fun prequel and hope to have it out in August. When it does, I will offer it FREE to everyone who has signed up on my website or is on my mailing list. Read it before or after The Alaris Chronicles.

Look for The Dragon King, book 3 in The Alaris Chronicles to be out on July 21st. Pre-order your copy now!

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