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I have released a new novella, THE BLADE AND THE BOW, a prequel to the Young Adult/Teen fantasy series, The Cremelino Prophecy. Sign up on my website and get it FREE. Otherwise go to Amazon to buy it for 99 cents.

If you haven't read the book yet, this is a great way to get to know two of the characters and some background into the Realm.

A prequel novella to THE CREMELINO PROPHECY.

Kelln El’Han is the Blade, the adventure-loving son of Anikari’s most famous sword maker. Darius San Williams is the Bow, the son of King Edward’s first councilor.

In this prequel novella to the Young Adult/Teen fantasy series, The Cremelino Prophecy, the reader is introduced to Darius and Kelln three years prior to the start of the series. Kelln’s love for adventure and Darius’s desire to protect the Realm seem to always get the two young men in trouble with Darius’s father. After witnessing a glimpse of magic in a small cabin in the woods, the two are thrust into one of their most fantastic adventures yet. Read this fun and exciting novella either before or after the three books of The Cremelino Prophecy.

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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