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Why Do I Like To Read?

Ever since I can remember I loved to read. My parents read to me as a young child and then by kindergarten and first grade i was reading simple books on my own. As a young child, I remember The Phantom Tollbooth as one of my early favorites. I read all of the Hardy Boys books, the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe series, and many other fun books.

I read because I love the feeling of being taken away into new worlds, places, and time frames - some of which are in our world and time, while others create whole new worlds for me to enjoy. I can be whisked away to a magic kingdom as a young prince, or a dark ally as an undercover agent, or an explorer in the jungles. i can be a wizard, a lawyer, an FBI agent, or anything that I desire. I love trying to figure out where the story is going. I laugh and cry and yell out in anger or delight as the characters move through their lives.

I read many different types of books - from fantasy (Robert Jordan, Brrandon Sanderson, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, Robin Hobb) to thrillers (John Grisham, David Baldacci, Brad Meltzer) to Young Adult/Teen (John Flanagan, DK Homberg, Marc Secchia, JK Rowling, Jeff Wheeler, and Bradon Mull) to Dystopian/Paranormal (Heather Sunseri, Lee Strauss, and Andrea Pearson) and Religious (Bible, Book of Mormon, Gerald N. Lund, H.B. Moore).

I cannot imagine not being able to read. I almost always have some type of book with me, either paperback or on my phone or ipad. I thouroughly enjoy escaping into another character's world and experiencing things that I may never experience on my own - and not dying in the meantime. :)

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