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Cover Reveal - THE DRAGON ORB

I want to announce my new cover for THE DRAGON ORB, Book I in The Alaris Chronicles, a new YA/Teen fantasy. This series takes place a few kingdoms to the south of my first series.

A magical barrier surrounds the kingdom of Alaris.

A magic Orb powers the barrier, but it is now failing, and no one knows why.

History states that the barrier was erected to protect Alaris form other kingdoms.

But what if the barrier is to protect other kingdoms from the aggressive wizards of Alaris?

Bakari, Roland, and Alli are three young wizards who are thrust

into a power struggle for control of Alaris.

Will their growing powers be taken seriously?

Whose side will they support?


What exactly is the Dragon Orb?

The book is at the editor and expected to come out in the next few months. Sign-up on my website to stay informed.

Book cover illustration by Brooke Gillette. See more of her works at

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