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Map revealed for next YA/Teen fantasy series!

I am so excited to have my map completed for my next YA/Teen fantasy series: (map by Robert Altbauer

The three books will be:

The Dragon Orb

The Dragon Rider

The Dragon King

I have completed the first draft of book 1 and hoping to get it published by the end of the year.

I am currently about 60% through the first draft of book 2.

Alaris is a kingdom that has been surrounded by a magical barrier for over 150 years. Since that time a system of Judges has ruled the land.

Now, that the barrier is beginning to fail, an uprising of king-men occurs - those who want a king to lead Alaris into a new age.

Roland, Alli, and Bakari, three young apprentice wizards have been told all their life that the barrier was there to protect Alaris from outside aggressors - But what if the aggressors those 150 years ago were the wizards of Alaris themselves - and the barrier was to protect everyone else around them?

With the weakening of the barrier and the thirst for power, these three young wizards get thrust into the middle of a power struggle that will test the limits of their loyalty and magical powers.

What is the Orb? How does it work? And what happens if it fails?

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