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Review Rating: 5 stars!


Reviewed By Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In a great new entry into the popular genre of young adult fantasy and an extremely promising start to a new series, The Path of Destiny: The Cremelino Prophecy, Book One by debut author Mike Shelton is a story that will take readers on an adventurous journe
y they won't want to see end! Follow the story of Darius San Williams, the son of one of King Edward's advisers, and a young man determined to leave the city of Anikari with big plans to bring glory to the realm. His friends Christine and Kelln are there to help him, but when Darius starts to exhibit new powers that he had been previously unaware of, they all realize that their plans may be quite different than they originally intended. Will they be able to meet their ultimate goals? You need to read this book to find out!

I very much enjoyed The Path of Destiny. Author Mike Shelton has done a great job in creating characters that his readers will enjoy, connect with, and even care about. His world creation abilities are second to none, and his ability to describe surroundings is so vivid and great that readers will feel as if they can simply slip through the pages and into Darius' world. Any reader, young adult or not, who enjoys a great work of fantasy with an extremely adventurous story line should absolutely read this book. I highly recommend it, and am very much looking forward to reading the next in the series from the talented Mike Shelton as soon as possible!

Review Rating: 5 stars!


Reviewed By Lisa McCombs for Readers’ Favorite

Darius San Williams was accustomed to shrugging off the spontaneous adventures of his friend Kellan, but that was not to say he always enjoyed the risks these feats imposed. There were times when life must be approached with a more serious state of mind. Convincing Kelln of this was another adventure in itself. Faced with the choice between the wrath of his own father if caught and giving in to the possibilities of the dare, Darius nearly always chose the former. Nothing bad had ever resulted from the boys’ exploits and they knew that youth slips by in an instant; so one more adventure was worth the risk. Neither Darius nor Kelln could imagine the result of their latest elicit study break. The Realm had not seen a wizard for decades, but when Darius suddenly began to exhibit magical characteristics common with the lore of that very breed, there was no one with whom he could share his suspicions. Not Kelln. Not his beloved Christine. And most certainly not his father.

I love the idea of a YA series novels. This is a great story! Mike Shelton’s The Path of Destiny is the perfect answer to a young reader’s need for adventure. In a combination of medieval gallantry and fairy tale fantasy, Shelton weaves a delicious tale reminiscent of Robin Hood or the Knights of the Round Table. The author’s command of the English language draws the reader into a vividly described setting. The focus on crucial decision-making skills keeps the reader grounded firmly in the overall plot of the story with a need to read on. My only criticism is that this is just the first book! I anxiously await Book II of the Cremelino Prophecy: The Path of Decisions.

Review Rating: 5 Stars!


Reviewed By Amazon Reader

This is a well written painting of a brand new world. The character development is well done, and the overall plot is intriguing. It definitely leaves you wanting to know what's next. I can't wait for book two.


Review Rating: 4 Stars!

Reviewed By Amazon Reader

Review Rating: 5 stars!


Reviewed By Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

The Path of Decisions (The Cremelino Prophecy Book 2) by Mike Shelton opens with Darius, who was introduced as the young son of the King of The Realm’s first councillor in The Path of Destiny, Book 1 of the series. He is now Commander Darius San Williams, First Commander in the King’s Elite Army. Chapter one opens with a very readable update of events prior to the present so The Path of Decisions can be read as a standalone novel. Darius’ magical powers are increasing but not yet fully developed as he seeks to protect the kingdom from invasion and enemies within. Christine, his friend and first love, is in Ankira, struggling against the oppression of her people, whilst Kelln remains the prisoner of an evil wizard.


Mike Shelton has written a superb opening to The Path of Decisions, instantly engaging readers. The magical action, set against a vivid backdrop, is ruled by the Cremelino Prophecy. “Forgotten lines of ancient magic and the power of the throne. One will make them both his own if his heart sees the true power. He will bring light to fight darkness and love to fight hate if he reaches into the power of his heart.” Intriguing questions build rapidly. Is Darius, who defends his right to disobey the king when his orders conflict with his own judgement, “the one”? Will Christine escape violent persecutors who burn her people’s land? Can Kelln trust Alessandra, or is she in league with the enemies of The Realm? Mike Shelton’s joy in writing floods every chapter; the epilogue ensures that reading Book Three, The Path of Peace, is irresistible. I enjoyed it very much.

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   Young Adult Fantasy

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